the art of becoming black in america

The Klaxon 360 Film

The Klaxon is a virtual reality 360 film which explores experience of an African American person living in predominantly white narrative. We place the viewers to witness the life path of an African-American Woman struggling, and finally finding a way, to accept her cultural, social, and personal identity.  

Throughout the history, technology innovation (photography, TV, social media) gave people new tools of expressing their creative voice for social cause. We believe new media technology today is able to create new type of learning experience, such as understanding what a different cultural identity actually means and how historical trauma can be overcome. 

The film uses concepts of "becoming" by Deleuze and Guattari and "double consciousness" by DuBois. The script is based on a new play by J. William Howe who draws from the aesthetic of Samuel Beckett, Orson Welles and Franz Kafka. Directed by contemporary visual artist Nikita Shokhov. Produced by Anna Eve.